Lost Key Manhattan Beach, CA...Found!

from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I received a call this morning from Jose who had lost his key while running on the beach. He knew where he lost it, in fact he saw it drop, yet was unable to recover it. It is amazing how fast something can disappear in the sand at the beach, and the sand at this beach is like powder. When I met him, he showed me the area of the drop, and I set up a perimeter to search. He was correct in the area of the drop, because it took all but about 5 minutes to find his key. I then mentioned that even if we were not able to find the key he could use his copy to get home in his car, when he informed me that this was the only key he had for this car. This information made me realize how imperative it was to find his key, because the cost to call out a locksmith would have been burdensome.

What a great opportunity it was to help Jose’ today.


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  1. Good find! Hopefully, he will realize it’s time to get another key made.

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