How to Find a Ring at the Beach with a Metal Detector.. Huntington Beach, CA.

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Jessica called me from Huntington Beach after she lost her husband’s platinum wedding ring in the sand. Her husband, John had given Jessica his wedding band to hold while he was going for a swim in the ocean. 

They agreed to wait for me on the beach which was going to help make it a successful search. When I arrived Jessica said, I’m the person who lost the ring. I reassured her that this seems to happen often lately.

She didn’t know exactly when or where the ring slipped off her finger, but she did know that she hadn’t left the 25’x 25’ area. Perfect, I began a grid search. There were not very many trash metal signals to bother with so it was not long until the ring was in my sand scoop.

It was a happy moment for both of them. After hours of trying to find the ring. Success came when Jennifer decided to ask for help by calling a member of TheRingFinders metal detector service.