Heirloom Wedding Ring lost while swimming in the ocean recovered.

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

The long day began with a 4AM wake up and two hour drive to catch the first ferry out to Little Cranberry Island, Maine. My objective to search for and recover this heirloom diamond wedding band which had originally belonged to the owner’s Great Grandfather. The ring was lost over a week earlier on Friday the 13th while swimming at Sand Beach, the day before his vacation ended, he returned home thinking the ring was gone forever. A friend recommended he look for a Detectorist online, where he found my page on The Ring Finders site and gave me a call. The search took about 7 hours during which the 10 foot tide rose and then partially receded, ending with a successful recovery. On a side note, since this beach frames a working harbor my rusty nail, pull tab, bottle cap and unidentifiable metal shard collection grew significantly during the hunt for this ring.  A portion of the generous reward received will be donated to the Mid-Coast Leos (sponsored by Camden Lions Club) to help with their community service projects, which I am blessed to part of as a Leos Advisor.

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  1. Bill mcdougall says:

    Sean Great job. I got a text on that ring from apparently the daughter. I tried and tried to contact her and after two weeks was successful. She seemed vague and said she would get back to me. I think you had already found it . I’m glad it was found and found by a ringfinder Congrats Bill

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