Diamond Engagement Ring lost in Sebago Lake, Maine recovered

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)


I was contacted by Adam who was vacationing on Sebago Lake to search for the engagement ring of his fiancée Sonya. They and a group of friends were swimming and hanging out in about waist deep water when the ring was lost. The group began searching for the ring in the loose sandy lake bed and did so for better than an hour to no avail. I received the call that night and upon my arrival the following day I began a broad visual search of the bottom all the while soliciting some help with a prayer to Saint Anthony. I then began sweeping  the suspected loss area with my detector, finding a chunk of iron, sparkler, bullet shell, rusty nail  and a brass button. Expanding my grid toward shore I found the ring in knee deep water located about 5 inches into the sand, which was probably the result of the groups search efforts the previous evening. A happy ending to the story and this group of friends, especially the Bride and Groom to be will return to New Jersey tomorrow with smiles and a good story of disaster averted, thanks to The Ring Finders. A portion of the generous reward I received will be donated to the Autism Society of Maine, a cause close to Adam’s heart as his brother has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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  1. Adam Carlo says:

    Sean we cant thank you enough for helping us out! When you are so stressed from losing something so valuable you are rarely thinking clearly. We all started searching the lake for hours until it got dark which caused the ring to go deeper into the sand making it impossible to find without your help. Luckily we came into contact with you and its unbelievable how quickly you were able to get out there and how soon you were able to find the ring.

    For anyone who has lost something Sean was extremely responsive and is just such a genuinely nice and honest person. It was a long drive for him and he made it a priority to come out the next morning (we spoke at 1 am) because we were planning to leave back to New Jersey. If you ever happen to lose something you are in great hands with Sean!!!

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