Lost Sapphire and Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings, Midlothian Virginia…FOUND!

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

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March 15th 2021: Found a wedding band and engagement ring lost while playing softball.


Jocelyn, her husband and friends were playing family style softball in a field behind their house. She removed her beautiful rings and put them in her pocket before starting to play. After the game, she found her rings missing! Family and friends searched the field for several hours. They even borrowed a metal detector and a rake, to no avail.




Jocelyn then turned to the internet to seek professional help.  She found my contact information on The Ring Finders site (https://theringfinders.com/Rob.Ellis/) and texted me the next morning.  I made the 2 hour drive to Midlothian, Virginia to assist Jocelyn.   When we met, I could see the disappointment in her eyes.  She probably thought the rings were gone for good. After showing me the field, I assured her there was a good chance of recovery.





First Ring

I began my search pattern in the area behind “home plate” and worked toward the “outfield”. I searched into the woods several feet on either side of the field. Within 40 minutes I located Jocelyn’s wedding band to the right side of the home plate area. I left the ring exactly where I’d found it, marking the location by sticking a pencil into the ground.




2nd Ring

Over the next hour and 20 minutes, I searched the rest of the field. I then expanded the search area behind “home plate” and recovered the second ring. I marked the location of the second ring using a softball.





I sent a text to Jocelyn asking her to join me. When she arrived, I showed her the pencil indicating the location of her wedding band. She was incredibly happy to have her wedding band back, but the engagement ring held more sentimental value. I then asked her to pick-up the softball and, to her amazement, there was the ring.  We both shared the delight and relief of finding her treasures.



Please see this short video for a recap of the search, recovery and return:


I am expert detectorist with the knowledge, skill, and experience to recover your lost items on land and underwater. Call/text/email, (703)-598-1435, Rob.Ellis@TheRingFinders.com

5 Replies to “Lost Sapphire and Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings, Midlothian Virginia…FOUND!”

  1. Brian Rudolph says:

    Rob, I loved your article and the video clip! Wow! What an emotional story and recovery and then emotional reaction by all of you! I wanted to cry myself! So inspiring and I love what you do and all the people you do at 4! You are a beautiful soul and an unbelievable detectorist on land and in the water! Way to go!

    1. Rob Ellis says:

      Hi Brian! You know , it was your videos of your incredible finds that motivated me to try my own recording. Thanks buddy:)

  2. Such a wonderful recovery Rob!!! Great job! I really enjoyed reading your blog and watching your YouTube video! You can absolutely tell how much these rings mean to Jocelyn! I got choked up too!

    1. Rob Ellis says:

      Thank you Christina:) That means a lot coming from such a wonderful person like you.

  3. Rob Ellis says:

    Jocelyn, thank you for your testimonial.
    It was my pleasure to meet you and return your rings.

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