Platinum Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Penn Valley, PA!!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Leonard found me in the Ring Finders directory after he lost his platinum wedding band in an elementary school playground in Penn Valley, PA. He spent hours searching for it before reaching out to me for help. I met him the next day at the playground and he explained that due to some recent weight loss the band had become quite loose on his finger. He was with his son and wife at the school’s playground and had his hands full with all kinds of kids stuff when he figured the band must have slid off his finger. He spent the majority of time and was quite convinced the ring fell off in the mulched area of the playground but he also thought maybe it fell off during his walk back and forth to car. I started with a quick scan of entire mulched area of playground….then took 20 minutes and scanned the entire walking path to where his car was parked. Leonard was hanging with me and looking with his eyes as well….we were both convinced it must be there somewhere. After about 60 minutes I was ready to suggest to him we should wrap it up when he told me he dropped a pretzel very near/under a long aluminum bench along the border of the playground. I obviously didn’t check there since a huge metal bench would interfere with my metal detector…we grabbed both ends of bench and moved it 5 feet away…and I proceeded to detect that area. BOOM! I got the beautiful surface ring signal on my detector I had been hoping for! I looked down and there was his beautiful ring! I think I whooped and hollered and scared Leonard! I told him I found it….and his smile said it all! I was very happy to find Leonard’s ring for him!!!

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  1. Leonard says:

    I am so glad that I reached out to Rich. I had tried to locate the ring on my own without success and I was about to give up. Yet, I knew the ring was somewhere in this area, it just needed to be found. I reached out to Rich, and he was warm and engaging. And once I saw Rich in action, with his years of experience, professional grade devices, and positive attitude, I started to realize how different it is to have a pro like him on the case. And I’m being honest when I say that when he found the ring, he was just as excited as I was! He was a true partner in all this, and I very much appreciated his hard work, skill, and dedication during the search. Thank you so much, Rich. You have truly made our family very happy.

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