Men's Tungsten Wedding Band Recovered in Narberth, PA

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

While at work in early November 2019 Tom contacted me regarding a lost heavy tungsten wedding band. He told me that he was 100% positive that it slipped off his finger while landscaping the front yard of his office. Prior to contacting me he had spent several hours removing all the shrubs he planted and digging through mulch and dirt looking for the ring. Amazingly, he also shared that he rented a metal detector and attempted to scan the area himself. When I met with him I shared with him the fact that despite of hearing of countless times of people renting metal detectors to search on their own…it is rarely productive. Usually the machines you rent are not sophisticated enough to find the lost item  and more importantly the experience of the operator in these searches far exceeds the machine itself.

When I met Tom i first did what I always do…show him my equipment and demonstrate how it works. I want him to be 100% confident that if his ring is there I’m going to find it. And find it I did…in 2 minutes! Tom was amazed and extremely happy I was able to return his ring to him…he later texted me that his wife was even happier!