Beautiful Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring Recovered in New Castle, DE

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

While at work on Wednesday I received a call from Krissy regarding a lost diamond engagement ring. Krissy communicated to me that several days earlier she was at a playground in New Castle, DE and while playing with her 2 year old her ring slipped off her finger. She was very upset and very convinced that the ring fell off in a very specific part of the  playground and slipped beneath the rubber mulch. Prior to calling me, she and her husband and several others had spent quite a bit of time on hands and knees looking for the lost ring. I told Krissy I would meet her at the playground on Friday afternoon.

We met at 3 pm, Friday afternoon at the playground. After introductions I did what I always do when I meet people who have asked for my help…I show them how all my equipment works. I do this for 2 reasons…1) I want them to feel confident that if the ring is there I’m going to find it and 2) If I cover the entire area in my search they can be 100% confident that it must be somewhere else!

We walked around the playground and she pointed to the specific area that she was horsing around the most with her 2 year old. My intent was to start there and basically cover the entire playgrou nd if I had to. I didn’t have to!!! About 3 minutes into the search I heard a sweet low tone in my headphones…my pinpointer immediately identified her ring about 3 inches deep in the rubber mulch. I said Krissy….and pointed.  The emotion of seeing her ring got the best of her for a second and then it was just pure joy for both of us. This job as a Ringfinder is so much funner when you’re successful in finding the lost item and Krissy’s joy made my day!!!