Ring lost in the Lake Of The Ozarks Mo.

  • from Cape Girardeau (Missouri, United States)

Lost ring in Lake Of The Ozarks Mo.

I received a call from Dave on July 4 as I was traveling to recover a ring in Illinois. He said his wife saw the ring fall into the water just inches from the boat dock. What a sinking feeling that must have been!
Upon learning that the location was just 7ft deep with a fairly solid bottom, I told Dave “piece of cake, I can be there tomorrow”. The trip is 4.5 hrs. therefore Dave said he would check for a place to stay the night.
Dave had asked his best friend Bob and Bob’s dad (property owner) to assist me in finding the ring. Upon my arrival we set up the diving equipment and started the search. I quickly realized that there were some adverse conditions involved with using a metal detector. We knew where
the ring went down but it wasn’t sitting there on top of the leaves, twigs, limbs, logs and misc. metal trash. The ring had sank deeper due to being disturbed from previous attempts at finding it!
We soon resorted to drilling holes in my 5 gal. bucket and then using it to bring up mud. Bob and his dad scanned the mud with my spare detector. Upon dumping the 18th bucket of mud they saw the shine of a beautiful triple wedding ring. Their mood changed from frustration to intense jubilation. I drove 3 hrs. to personally return the ring to Erica and Dave who had been at work the last couple days. To finally meet this great couple was a very pleasant experience.
It needs to be stressed to everyone to not disturb the site of a ring lost under water. Just get with theringfinders.com.
I enjoy the challenge of solving problems which others have attempted. I especially enjoy the smiles I get upon returning a very cherished piece of someone’s life.

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