Lost Engagement Ring... Found Independence, Iowa


ring Jan. 2014 ClintI received my first call for 2014 on Jan. 28th from a young man who found the ringfinders website. He regrettably  became angry at his fiancée and gave her engagement ring a toss.

They were in a parking lot at the time and it had recently snowed. He said he saw it bounce off the drive that led out of the lot and then lost sight of it. When he looked for the ring, it wasn’t on the pavement anywhere. So he thought it landed in the snow on the side of the drive.

He then rented a detector but couldn’t find it. He then found me and gave me a call. When I arrived the next day after work I went through some snow he had shoveled into a pile hoping the ring would be in it but all I found was a dime.

I then started my first pass beside the drive and I got a 12-15 hit on the CTX3030 but it was in the frozen ground so that couldn’t be it. The next hit was a 12-05 at about two inches and from just beneath the snow I pulled up the ring. We both were very relieved, him more than me.

So I hope this is a sign of good things to come in the new year. Good luck to all the ringfinders out there.


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    That is something that happens more often than most people realize… the great thing is you found the ring and possibly saved a marriage… Best, Chris

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