Lost Gold Wedding Band McCauley Neighborhood Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call on Thursday from Mike requesting my assistance to help him find his wedding ring which he had lost a couple of weeks ago. When I asked Mike how he had lost his ring he replied that he picked up a runner off his dresser because it had some dirt on it. He had walked out of the front door to shake the runner and thought he had heard a ping noise but without realizing what it was, He returned back into the house. After a couple of days Mike realized his ring was missing from his dresser. He searched high and low for the ring in the house with no luck. He then recalled the ping nose that he had heard, and that it must have been his ring that hit the sidewalk and bounced on the lawn. Mike spent hours looking for the ring with no luck.
I stopped in on Mike this morning and he showed me the area where he thought the ring could be. I searched through dead leaves and pine needles and I told Mike that since the foliage was near the same colour as his ring it would be very hard to locate the ring with the naked eye. I searched the other side of his side walk and found his ring neatly covered in pine needles. Mike was very grateful that he had found me on the Internet.

Another happy client.

Thank you Mike and Maryann.


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  1. Mike Dutka says:

    Thanks Norm,
    It was a real pleasure meeting you and watching you work. Vey professional. The ring had little monetary but huge emotional value. Strange to say but 40 years of marriage was invested in that ring. Speaking with Norm after the find truly highlighted how dedicated, professional and empathetic you are in your work to help people. Loved your stories. I would recommend you to any and all who find themselves in a similar situation. Thanks again.

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