Found iPhone and tracked down owner

Call Surf City Ring Finder

I was about to leave the beach when I got a loud signal and dug down over 12” in the wet sand when the iPhone appeared. It was wet but in very good condition.

When I got home I cleaned it and dried it in a bag of rice in the sun. Later I plugged it in and it started charging and actually turned on when I pressed the power button.

Since the phone was locked I removed the SIM card and put it in a different iphone and from the settings you can access the phone number to that SIM card.

I called the number and left a message, later that night Oscar called me back and I told him I found an iPhone and he acknowledged it was his and described it to me.

He was very grateful as he had photos and other media that was important to him. He sent me his address and I mailed his iPhone to his house.