Lost Gold Ring Recovered from a Creek on 12-26-2015 in Clayton, N.C.

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

This ring was recovered and returned on 12-26-2015 from a creek in Clayton N.C..

I first talk to the guy who lost it yesterday on 12-25-2015.. He explained he was removing some wood and logs two days ago on 12-23-2015 when a log had snagged the ring on his finger and pulled the ring off causing it to fall into the creek.

I agreed to meet him at 10:00 AM today to help make the recovery. When I got there we spoke a few minutes and filled out some forms before the search began. He then took me to the place where he lost the ring and I began my search. Within 5 minutes I had found the ring in just a couple feet of water and it was about 6 inches down buried in the sand on the bottom. The  reason the ring had got buried so fast was the past couple days we had a lot of rain and flood waters here in the area causing it to sink faster in the sand on the bottom..

I was very happy to help in the recovery and as you can see from the pics they were very happy to get it back..

Its always a pleasure when I can help others out in there recoveries..

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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great find, recovery and story Mike.

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