Ring lost in San Diego park found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Bon was playing volleyball at a local park and decided to put his wedding ring in his pocket instead of wearing it. At a certain point after jumping and chasing the ball during a typical game, he checked his pocket and found the ring missing. This wasn’t his first experience with losing this ring, so, he knew who to call…. a Ring Finder. I was out detecting myself, but, quite a ways away when he called. I got to the park just before sunset and started my search in some fairly tall, unmowed grass. Bon was uncertain as to what metal his ring was made of, but, that he thought it was silver. I ran a grid pattern looking for a shallow high conductor, but, nothing of that sort was found. After expanding the search area a bit and still no ring, I went back to the main volleyball court and started checking for ANY shallow target with a good solid sound.  It was getting dark and cold, but, after a couple of passes I got a nice low tone in the U.S. nickel range that was right on top of the ground, but, under a few inches of grass. A probe with the pin pointer and sure enough, it was his ring. We were both happy to leave the park and go home to a warm house and hot meal.

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