Ring lost in San Diego found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Anthony was doing some landscaping in his yard. After he was done planting a couple of things, he discovered his wedding ring was missing. Not being visible on top of the ground and not knowing how deep it may be buried, he wasn’t able to find it. An online search brought him to TheRingFinders.com and my contact info. We made arrangements for the search the next morning. I arrived with a buddy of mine and got the low down on where Anthony was working and other possible locations where the ring could be. First plant in the back yard, nada, so, we went to the side yard and the other plant. There was also some fresh bark that he had spread over the ground around the new plant. Hunted one side without a sound, I swung a bit over to the other side and got a weak jumpy sound off to the side a bit. I walked around to the other side and tried again. Still a bit of a strange signal, but, my coil was up against an adjacent pot, so, I just got out the pin pointer and investigated. Zeroed in on the target a couple of inches down and discovered it was his ring. Being a mix of tungsten carbide and gold probably produced the odd signal. A pleasure to meet you Anthony, and thank you for the reward. Hopefully the Padres will go to the World Series next year!



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  1. Anthony Hill says:

    thanks a ton to mark and his buddy for coming by so quickly and finding my ring even quicker!

    I was just going to buy a new ring, but the idea of losing the one I had was a real bummer so I took to the internet and found this guy. A real pro. Found my ring in around ten minutes at most.

    if you’ve lost something important, don’t hesitate to contact mark, he def has the skills/tools to get the job done

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