Ring lost at Mission Bay Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Sebastian took his ring off to apply some lotion, and forgot about it until later when it was time to leave. He had been paddle boarding that afternoon too, so, it could have been in the water or dry sand….he just couldn’t remember for sure if he put it back on at one point or not. He and his parents Ed and Karen sifted and raked through the dry sand for hours, all the way down to the water’s edge and couldn’t find it. In talking with some other folks there at the beach, a suggestion was made to find someone with a metal detector to help locate the ring. An online search brought them to TheRingFinders.com site where they got my contact info. I received the call at about 8pm and made arrangements to meet Ed and Karen at 8:30pm. We found each other easily at the parking lot and made our way over to where they had been camped that day. When they told me it was a silver ring, that put a smile on my face as those are a lot easier to find on a trashy beach than a gold one. This wasn’t just any dime store silver ring though! It was custom made by Sebastian’s grandfather who has since passed away. Sebastian was devastated losing it, so this just had to be found. Ok, man’s silver ring…..that should be a nice high conductor sound…..like a quarter (30 reading on my Equinox). On the first pass, that’s what my first target was, a 30, Alright, found it right away….not! Just a quarter like my machine told me. Drat, or words to that effect when his ring wasn’t in the scoop! I continued all the way to the water,  made a return pass to the top of the slope, and started down the next pass only hearing low conductors, when I got a 19 on the display. Hmm, not likely it’s the ring, most likely a crusty zinc cent, but, it was high enough to scoop anyway. Well, no one was more surprised  than I was finding his beautiful silver ring in the basket. Ed and Karen were over the moon with appreciation for getting this family heirloom back. Karen put the ring on her finger, took a photo, and texted it to Sebastian. All he texted back was OMG over and over again. Just as we were all done and ready to leave, the fireworks started across the bay at SeaWorld. An appropriate celebration on a successful recovery! A pleasure to meet you, and thank you for the reward.

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