Bracelet lost at Mission Beach Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Meridith was playing volleyball and after hitting the ball, her special bracelet came off and disappeared into the fluffy dry sand. She found online and my contact info. When she called, my wife and I were at a wedding, so, we made arrangements to meet at the site later that night at 9pm. Meridith had only been playing on one side of the court, so, this should be a quick and easy find……that is, until I found out the bracelet doesn’t have any large segments on it and was a very fine, small linked chain. These volleyball courts are detected quite often, so, there shouldn’t been much in the way of targets. I found that to be true and as expected. I started a grid and didn’t get a single target until about half way through the court. I got the weakest, mixed ferrous/non-ferrous signal, one I would normally not even investigate if I were just detecting for fun, but, I couldn’t pass this up since it was my only signal so far. My pin pointer didn’t even hit on it very well, so, it took a few tries to zero in on the target. In pulling up a handful of sand Meridith and I both saw a chain hanging out of my hand. Success! A pleasure to meet you Meridith and thank you for the reward.


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