Rings lost at La Jolla Shores found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Helena took off her rings and put them in a pair of shorts she was carrying. While running down the beach, she accidentally dropped the shorts in the dry sand. She picked them back up and continued running down the beach not realizing that her rings had fallen out. When she discovered they were gone, she tried to visually find them by retracing her steps, but, they had sunk out of sight. She lives in another state and had to return home without them. A few days later, she got my contact info and called me and explained the situation. That beach is one of our most detected beaches in the whole area, so, there was always a possibility that the rings had already been found by someone, since it had already been 5 days, but, the search area wasn’t in the most popular areas, so, still a chance. Working by just a map with a large area circled, I knew this might take a while. Helena sent me a photo of the rings on her fingers, so, I had a good visual of what the rings should look like. The two rings she described were a class ring, and a ring with a T shaped top with stones. I headed to the site that night, so I had the place to myself and didn’t have to dodge around people and miss detecting some spots. After about 10 minutes on my first pass, I got a call for a lost set of keys, on the same beach, but, about 3/4 mile away. I went ahead and hiked over to help get the keys, which took about 5 minutes to find. With that lady happy and able to get into her car and take her child and 2 dogs home, I hiked back to my ring search location. Sorry,  I didn’t get any photos of that successful hunt. Everyone was in a hurry, so, it just didn’t happen. It’s now about 10pm. A resumed making passes about 100 yards long and after about another hour, I get yet another pull tab reading and find a 10K gold class ring. Alright, now we’re talking! About a foot away, I get another signal. This time it’s an 18K Tiffany “Love” ring. Hmmm, that wasn’t on her list. Another signal close by and I find another 18K Tiffany ring. Still not a match for the one she identified, but, it looked familiar. I pulled out my phone to take another look at the photo she sent me, and lo and behold, those two rings were also on her hand in the photo! There were 5 rings on her hand, but, she had only mentioned the two. Strange. I continued detecting right around that spot and the next target was the 2nd ring she had described, also an 18K Tiffany ring. One last target and I found the last ring, one with a blue stone…..also 18K Tiffany ring. Wow, what an “Olympic” hunt! 5 rings and 4 of them Tiffany. I texted Helena and asked her if she had just lost two rings, or, all 5. She then admitted that it was all 5, just as I thought. Helena was now happy, but, had to find someone to pick up the rings, as she didn’t want them shipped. Now, a couple of weeks later, a friend of her’s came to pick them up. Thanks for the reward.


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