Ring lost at Fiesta Island found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Kristina was enjoying a cookout and water fun at Fiesta Island. After coming out of the water, she noticed her gold and diamonds ring was gone. Not knowing if it was actually lost in the water, or, the dry sand around where she was camped, it was hard to zero in on where it could be. She searched as best she could, and even came back later that night to try and find it, but, it remained among the missing. She called me the next day and we made arrangements to meet at the site that evening so I could see the approximate 50 X 100 foot search area and decide what the best time and method it was going to need. It took a little while to figure out the exact site on the beach, but, eventually we did and the search area was defined. The tide was still too far in, so, I decided to search the dry sand area first, even though the water was the most likely place for it to have been lost. Kristina went back home and left me to grid the area, which I did until 10pm when access to the island closes. This whole island is a virtual dump site with zillions of scrap targets everywhere. After a couple of hours, over 100 pieces of junk, no ring, so, as planned, I returned the next morning at 5am to search the wet sand and water at a minus tide. I figured the ring should now be just in the wet sand, so, I started at the water’s edge and worked my way up the slope going parallel to the water’s edge. An hour and half later, and another 100 pieces of scrap, I had gone up the slope almost to the previous night’s tide line, but, still no ring. Ok, I figured it was time to put on the booties and hit the water. In walking up the slope toward my truck, I decided to do one more pass right at the previous high tide line. After about 3/4 of the way across, I get a signal and looked down to see an outline of a gold ring! No way, I ‘m thinking. How is a gold ring sticking up above the sand like that after being lost for two days? That’s a first for me, but, sure enough, it was Kristina’s ring! The first photo is the ring  as I found it. The second is right after I lifted it up and set it sideways to verify it was Kristina’s. It turns out that there is a hard layer under the ring at that very spot that prevented it from sinking further. Another interesting aspect of this is that there was a couple that had been jogging back and forth over that very area during the time I was detecting close by. It’s amazing that they didn’t see the ring and make off with it. We lucked out. I texted a thrilled Kristina with a photo of her ring and we made arrangements to meet later in the day for the return after she got off work. A pleasure to meet you Kristina and thank you for the reward.



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  1. Kristina Middleton says:

    Mark Rubey is a Godsend. I was DEVASTATED when I lost my ring. He was my only hope, and made my wish come true. I am so grateful for his dedication and help. I couldn’t believe it when i woke up and got a text from him with a picture of my ring. I thought I’d never see it again!! I’ll never wear my ring to the beach again.. lol. Thanks again to Mark!!

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