Ring lost in the sand on San Diego Bay Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Zack left an urgent message on my cell phone voice mail stating that he had lost his 4 day old wedding ring in the sand across the street from where he was staying on his honeymoon. When I finally heard the message, I called him back for the details and arranged to meet him there at 11pm. We both arrived a bit early and Zack escorted me down to the area were he had lost it 3 hours earlier. He had been brushing sand off his hands by rubbing them on his pants when the unthinkable happened……the ring went flying into the sand and disappeared. Zack contemplated renting or buying a detector but found The Ring Finders online and decided to give us a try. Initially, I was told it was a silver ring, so, I expected a high pitched screamer for a target on my E-trac. Right after I fired my machine up, I get a low pitched, solid 12-06 moaner in my ears on my first swing. I asked again about the metal it was made of, and he said “silver, but it has some gold in it too”. Great, now I need to scoop virtually all non-ferrous sounds, starting with this one. Well, in this case, first time was the charm, as this 12-06 was his ring! So much for it being mainly silver. A happy Zack couldn’t believe I found it so quick. Getting me to the right spot was the key here, so, good job Zack! I hope you and your new bride enjoy the rest of your stay here. Great to meet you and thank you for the reward.

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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great job Mark. I had exactly the same type recovery up here in NMB, bout the only difference was they had gotten married the day before.

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