Keys at Tecolote Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Tatiana saw my Craig’s list ad for metal detecting service and called me to help her find a lost set of keys at the enterance to Tecolote Canyon. She lost the keys in an area with some ice plant, both dead and alive, and unfortunately, some poison oak too! I don’t think I got any on me but I was hunting in it a bit before I noticed those rusty colored tridents among the other follage. It’s absolutely amazing how a fairly large set of keys can hide in plain sight. The search area was relatively small and we knew they were there so it was just a matter of time but I went over that same area 4 times without finding them but they practially jumped into my hand on the 5 pass. It’s strange how that works sometimes. Got a big hit, looked down, and they’re sitting there in plain site! Tatiana was happy to be able to drive her car home and not have to call AAA and then pay through the nose to get replacement keys made. A pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward. It keeps me able to help others.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Yes keys have a way of hiding themselves! That’s a big smile and it tells you how important they where to her…Way to go Mark!

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