Lost wedding ring in spokane valley Wa, Found !!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

I know that all of the Ring Finders that live where it snows have come back home wet, cold and with a dull feeling of not finding the lost ring they were tasked with finding. However, as I sat at my dinner table eating my reheated dinner, I got a text from a lady who was wanting to know if I could help her nanny find her lost wedding ring. Knowing all the questions I had to ask would clog up a text message, I called the lady. After chatting about the lost ring and how they used hot water to melt away the snow without sucsses, I told her after work the next day I would come by. Before getting off the phone I asked her how she found The Ring Finders, her answer brought a smile to my face. She said her friend saw her post on facebook asking for help, and told her she had a great experience using The Ring Finders in San Antonio when she lost her bracelet. Hats off too all of the Ring Finders in San Antonio doing what we do best, finding smiles. Today after a wet and soggy day cleaning up metling snow off of our hanger floor, I made my way to a house on top of a hill. The couple Laura the nanny and Felipe her husband, joined me in my car and we made our way to an off the beaten path photo shoot location. As we scoped out the area where the pictures where being taken, Laura pulled out her phone and showed me a short GIF of her shaking the snow off her hands. How convenient, the exact time and position where Laura lost her ring. All I had to do was walk two feet and start scanning around the left side of where she stood. Easy enough right? Wrong! The ring on her left hand flew down and to the right. The whole search took three minutes max, but amazingly enough the ring was under the snow and in the forest floor about two inches. These fast searches blow my mind, but let the truth be told you cannot find a lost ring when there is no ring to be found. Laura’s and Felipe’s rings were made in Columbia four mounths prior. It’s amazing to think that her ring traveled all that way to be lost in a forest in Washington state. The Ring Finders, finding smiles and saving rings.

The moment when laura lost her ring

Laura and Felipe

laura’s Wedding Ring


3 Replies to “Lost wedding ring in spokane valley Wa, Found !!!”

  1. Lisa says:

    Love this! The San Antonio ring finder was James Mendoza – he found my bracelet that my husband gave me while deployed to Afghanistan and it had been lost two years!! You guys are awesome!

  2. Laura says:

    My husband and I went to walk around the neighborhood last Saturday and I lost my ring after we took last picture! We were looking at that place for almost one hour with no success. Next day we went with hot water to see if we were lucky but we didn’t have it. Yesterday when Luke came, we went again and he found the ring in 3 minutes. It was amazing and we were so happy. It’s not just a ring, it has too much meaning for us. I can’t describe all I felt in that moment. I really recommend this guy to find what you lost. Thank you very much again Luke!! Blessings

  3. Jeff Morgan says:

    Great work Luke it is such a blessing to recover lost items for people in the Pacific North West!

    Jeff Morgan

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