Lost Wallet & Cell Phone Lost in Golfing Incident.

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Rob was having a great day playing golf at Shannon Lake Golf Course, that was until his golf cart lost control. He was able to jump off before the cart drove into the Lake. Checking his personal effects after the incident he noticed his wallet with his waterproof cell phone were missing. The next day the cart was recovered from the lake, however his wallet which was on the dash of the cart was still missing, he gave me a call for assistance with my underwater detector. I met Rob at the site and in my wet suit I entered the 5/6 feet of water, the lake had a brick retaining wall around it making recovery difficult. I was getting a few signals but could not retrieve them from between the rocks. Rob stripped off and joined me in the water, once I got a signal Rob would dive under and scoop underneath my coil. After a few beer cans and even a large battery, Rob came up with a scream, he had the wallet and cell phone. Thanks to Rob we had a successful day.