Lost Gold w/Diamonds Bracelet Underwater Found in Cass Lake Waterford Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

One Score and Seven Days Ago…….

…..DeAngelo and his out-of-town fiancée were eager to celebrate their independence and freedom. In the pursuit of happiness, they invited all their local friends and family to join them on the lake. As they headed out on 3 pontoon boats the party of 20 people caught up on current events, personal goals and family gossip. Arriving at a popular sandbar their 4th of July celebration began. Food, drinks, card games, music and dancing had everyone in a great mood. His fiancée frequently jumped in and out of each boat to visit with everyone. As dusk approached the small fleet packed it in and headed for the mainland. It was around this time that his fiancée noticed her bracelet missing. With the remaining light everyone tried to find it with no luck. DeAngelo and I made arrangements to meet and try to find it. Arriving at the location I put on my snorkel mask, weight belt and jumped into the refreshing clear cool water with the metal detector to grid search the sand bar. An hour later and a pocket full of junk I got another signal. Thinking it was another bottlecap I looked thru my fogging snorkel mask and thought I saw something. Rinsing out the mask I then went completely underwater a few feet and scanned the sand with my Garrett carrot pin pointer. Moving through the sand I got a signal and when the blurring of the stirred-up sand cleared I saw a portion of the bracelet! Knowing I had to come up for air in a few seconds I pulled the bracelet out of the sand and secured it in both hands. As I surfaced, I was hoping that the bracelet had just snapped and there was not another piece somewhere. That turned out to be true. I yelled over to DeAngelo to come see me. As I showed it to him, he said WOW that’s it, you found it! Boarding the boat, DeAngelo quickly sent texts and pics of the find to his fiancée. She was totally elated and didn’t think she would ever see it again. As we enjoyed the ride back, and our heads held high, DeAngelo was excited to get the bracelet repaired and returned to her next time they meet. Now they can look back on this 4th of July as a double celebration as one heart, proud to be under one flag and on the land that we call America!

Keep calm and SPARKLE on!


Pixilart - Happy "BELATED" 4th of July!! by NiXian

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