Lost Gold Wedding Ring Found In Canton Michigan

A Newlywed’s Nightmare…..

….wasn’t happening because Travis and his wife of 3 weeks marriage was breaking down, but rather because as they were playing their favorite sport of soccer yesterday evening his ring fell off. The short practice session led into the darkness as they traded being goalie and kicker. As they were getting into their vehicle Travis noticed his ring missing and no telling where it could be. On site I turned my MXT metal detector’s lighted meter on and started to search the path they walked to no avail, then started to grid search the soccer field area. A few short passes of scanning I got a nice signal where the ring should be on the detector meter. Pinpointing it at 0 depth on the metal detector meter confirmed it….. as I reached into the grass there was his ring! The couple was thrilled at scoring big time with the recovery and can now relax with the excitement to move forward in their marriage goals.



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