Lost Ring found in Dearborn Heights Michigan

A lovers quarrel…Future hubby flings a $14k and $1K rings in the back yard last Thursday.

They find the $14k but not the other. He called me from PA where they are moving to.

Bride is in shock beacause they had to leave the house in Michigan. Mother in law, pictured with ring, and I search the suspected area. We had lots of rain over the weekend and I told them it may have pushed it down in the ground. Using my older but trusty Garrett I searched for about half hr and got lots of signals, junk and coins….but got a faint double beep repeatable with very slow sweeps from all directions coming up in the ring range on the detector meter and  depth registered on the surface on the directional line of how they were thrown and in vicinity of where the main ring was found previously. A quick check with the pinpointer and moving the grass revealed the ring laying flat just sunk into the earths surface. Mother in law screams in excitement as I lifted it into the sunlight. Quite a little beauty and look at all those diamonds! Everyone is happy and another great find!



2 Replies to “Lost Ring found in Dearborn Heights Michigan”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great recovery Jonathan! Beautiful ring!

  2. Great job Jonathan! Your second find since you came aboard, keep it up. I am thinking now that we have several new ring finder members in Michigan we should all get together in a Central location and invite Chris Turner down for a hunt and dinner.

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