Lost your Ring or need your Property Pins found in Central Ohio?

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

Lost your Ring or need your Property Pins found! Contact Jon Baughman at JBDetecting@gmail.com

No need to rent a metal detector and trying to figure out how use it, call Jon Baughman at 740-334-7293 ASAP to schedule a search.

Am able to find lost rings (jewelry) and property pins by using best equipment and experience available for both land and water searches.

I able help people find their lost jewelry and locate property pins. Finding the lost wedding ring and seeing the happiest is Priceless!
Can locate all types of metal items, from earrings to wedding rings to property pins.
  • Need to put up a fence? Have your property pins found to prevent problems later with your neighbor
  • Bought a new home or property? Have your property pins found to know what land is yours
  • Added a building or shed in the back yard? Have your property pins found to verify your distance from the property line to be with in code of your local laws and regulations.
  • Have a dispute with your neighbor on the property lines? Have your property pins found to know who’s is who’s.
Specialize in metal detecting services to accurately locate underground metal objects on your property.
Servicing all of the Central Ohio region and more
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Metal Detecting areas can included lost wedding ring, property pins, estate home searches, insurance property claims, lost or clearing metal items, water gas turn off locating,
Search Locations can included Beaches, parks, lakes, yards, Fields, woods, snow, water, campgrounds, parking lots, farms, school yards,
*Note* No guarantee on finding the pins, if the pin is there it may be located, if not a license surveyor may be required to place a pin.
And no guarantee on the lost item to be found. Where as needed permission from property owners may be required before performing a search.
Ten percent of all profits will be tithe in Jesus name.