Diamond and Platinum Earring Lost in Grass Houston, Texas (found) by John Volek TRF-Houston

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Diamond and Platinum Earring Lost in the Grass of a home in Houston, Texas (found) by John Volek TRF-Houston

I was contacted Matt regarding a lost diamond and platinum earring in the backyard of his residence in Houston, Texas. Matt reported the  diamond-platinum earring was lost in the grass in his backyard while doing a little cleaning yesterday afternoon.

Check out the video to see the recovery of the lost earring…




Garrett AT Pro w/ Garrett Super Sniper Coil



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3 Replies to “Diamond and Platinum Earring Lost in Grass Houston, Texas (found) by John Volek TRF-Houston”

  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to sniff that one out. Would an AT Pro have found it with the small coil? Keep it up!

    1. John VOLEK says:


      Sorry for the delayed response, I pulled out both the AT Pro, and the AT Gold, and did a side by side comparison with a small stud earring. Both the Pro and Gold were able to see the small earring, this was of course with the Garrett Super Sniper Coil attached to each machine. I still give a little edge advantage to the Gold, seemed to have a great detection reach then the Pro in an open air test.
      Though about making a video may come back to that in the future…in short if you have the Pro, get the Super Sniper Coil to find those really small items.

  2. John VOLEK says:

    Comment Left by Matt:

    John came out to my house and found my wife’s diamond earring in ten minutes! I searched for hours prior and thought it was a lost cause. I looked up metal detecting services because magnets do not work on precious metals, and John’s website popped right up. I saw the numerous people he helped and immediately called him. He put me at ease and we made an appointment for the following morning. When he showed up I could tell I made the right choice to have him come out. A super nice guy, got right into the business of what he came out to do and it was very impressive. Like I said, he found the missing earring quickly and made our Sunday. Thanks John!!

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