Metal Detector to Find Police Officers Lost Wedding Ring (found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Police Officer looses his wedding ring during a foot pursuit and altercation in Houston, Texas.


I was contacted by Officer Chi Nguyen regarding his wedding ring that had been lost the previous night during an arrest. Officer Nguyen said after conducting a traffic stop, one of the passengers fled from the stopped vehicle. Officer Nguyen said a foot pursuit ensued taking them across an open grass field where a taken down was conducted. Officer Nguyen said following the apprehension, he discovered his wedding ring was missing.

Check out the video to see the recovery of Officer Nguyen’s lost ring!




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Equipment Used:

CTX 3030 Metal Detector






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2 Replies to “Metal Detector to Find Police Officers Lost Wedding Ring (found) by John Volek”

  1. John Volek says:

    Comment left by Chi:
    I lost tungsten carbide wedding ring during a brief foot chase and scuffle with a wanted suspect in the pitch dark field (~0130am). At this point, I went into panic mode for fear of 1)pissing off the wife, and 2)losing something of high sentimental value (Granted the ring itself only costed ~$200) i had 8+ officers on scene with high intensity flashlights helping me search the field, but it would still seem hopeless due to the size of the field.

    I did a quick Google search (still on scene)if a metal detector would help as I could go to the 24hr Walmart and pick it up. I learned that it could help, but an expert with its use would the quickest and higher success rate vs. me buying and trying to learn how to use it blind. I also found Houston Metal Detecting services in my search. Found John was local and bookmarked it to call in the AM. Finished the processing of the suspect (with a really distracted mind of course) and went home.

    I definitely had trouble sleeping and had dreams of finding my ring, only to wake up and not feeling it there. 9AM, I called John Volek and he arranged to meet me at the site within the hour. He sensed my sense of urgency and arranged his schedule to it. Around 10Am, I met John and leaned that he was a brother in blue and a supervisor with his agency. I briefed him on the details and he immediately established a “hot spot” to start the search in the scorching Houston heat. Within 15 mins, he tells me to search an area that he staked. I was using his handheld mini-metal detector to search the staked spots, and this last spot, had the glimmering tungsten ring sitting on top of the grass. A huge feeling of relief and gratefuness came over me and I will remember the exact feeling and vision of finding the ring forever. I don’t know how many times i and other coworkers walked over this very same spot searching the night before!

    John is definitely a professional that takes this job to heart. He shares the sense of urgency and I can tell he loves the look of satisfaction and relief of his customers. To him, it looks as if he finds helping people with this task very rewarding. I was surprised his expertise is UNDERWATER metal detecting. I owe a great deal of thanks to John!

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Nice job John!

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