Lost Wedding Ring Sea Wolf Park Galveston, Texas (Found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

“The Miracle Ring”

Lost Wedding Ring off the Jetties in Sea Wolf Park Galveston, Texas (Found)

I was contacted by Ray on Monday regarding his lost wedding ring at Sea Wolf Park in Galveston, Texas. Ray reported while fishing off the jetties on Sunday, his ring had slipped off his finger and landed out in the rock jetties. Ray said he saw the ring hit one of the large rocks in the water and bounce landing a few feet further out into the channel.

Ray said he had probed the bottom the best he could with his fishing rod thinking he felt a sandy bottom at 7 ‘ of water. I was hopeful based on the information Ray was able to provide,  and his detailed information on the approximate location.

I was already geared up for a trip to Canyon Lake the following morning, so Ray and I agreed to meet first thing Tuesday morning at the park.

I met Ray and his wife Michelle at Sea Wolf Park Tuesdays morning and we walked through the events leading of how the ring was lost. The jetties are an unforgiving environment, and trying to find a ring in those large boulders underwater did not looking very promising.

It was pretty clear from the onset, if his ring did not land on a flat surface underwater it was gone forever. The only way to know for sure was to enter the water and see what was below. The Excalibur proved to be ineffective in this environment, large jagged rocks, drop off’s to 20+ feet in some areas, fishing poles, cast nets, fishing line, sinkers, pipes, and host of other metallic objects. After about 30 minutes of trying to run the detector, I surfaced and handed the detector to Ray, indicating this in not good.

There was about 9″ of visibility on this day in the channel and the search came down to a visual hunt for the missing ring, The processes involved sticking your head into the underwater crevices and looking for the missing ring.

I looked and looked, seeing voids in the rocks everywhere that led to unknown depths and dangers. There were many places I was not willing to stick my hand much less my face. After what may have been another 30 minutes, I had already lost track of time, I began to think, and maybe already knew, this was an impossible task.

I was preparing to surface and explain to Ray, his ring is gone. I stopped prior to surfacing and took one more look around the marker pole we had place into the water. This was an area I had detected and visually examined numerous times, I looked to my left through some of the many rock and boulders, and their it was. I was looking through the center of the ring (like a tube), as it was sitting stuck between a couple of large rocks. The trick was going to be, to get the ring out, without letting it fall  into one of the many crevices  between the rocks.

I did get the ring, and sat their underwater for a few minutes thinking to myself, this is just utterly unbelievable. I surfaced a few minutes later and held up Rays missing ring.

I told Ray, I was on my way back to the surface to let him know its simply impossible. It was at that moment when I came upon his ring. I told Ray it’s a Miracle, with 9″s of visibility and in 7’ of water where most people would not never venture, with all the rocks, boulders and debris, I was able to find it?

In closing,

Michelle told me a little later that just prior to me finding the ring, she had done a social media prayer request hoping that we would find Rays ring.

“I think that pretty much sums  it up!”
















































Equipment Used:

Hookamax Dive System

Excalibur II







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John Volek

6 Replies to “Lost Wedding Ring Sea Wolf Park Galveston, Texas (Found) by John Volek”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Wow John, that’s an awesome story. Great Job!!!!!!!

  2. John, what are you trying to do… tackle the hardest known searches known to mankind?!!! Wow, you’re THE MAN!!Great work.

  3. John, you seem to tackle the most difficult searches with success. Keep up the good work.

    1. John Volek says:

      Just a lot of LUCK lately…thanks

  4. Matthew Fry says:

    Great job John! I have dived the jetties at Murrells Inlet. Your description is spot on. I too, do not like those holes you can’t see into. I like my fingers too much. Outstanding recovery!!!

  5. Patricia Lee says:

    Absolutely amazing. The power of prayer and John Volek. Keep up the good work. You make us proud.

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