Estate Search for Gold Krugerrands

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Estate Search for Gold Krugerrands

I was contacted by a resident in Houston regarding the possibility of buried Gold Krugerrands on his property. The homeowner reported that a family member may have previously buried one or more of the gold coins in a very specific location on the property. The homeowner was also was aware that they may have been removed previously by the same family member.

The homeowner was looking to verify if the coins where in the described location, or if they had previously been removed. The homeowner had taken some measures himself to search for the coins. The homeowner had excavated a large portion of the dirt from the small area in question with no results.

The excavated dirt as well as the area in question was extensively scanned and examined with the CTX 3030 with negative results. I was able to scan the sample coin on the ground, and it came back as a solid 1245, in a combined search mode. This was extremely helpful, although it did not prevent me from digging anything and everything made of metal.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any additional Gold Krugerrands, but I found the story very interesting, and it’s every treasure hunters dream.

The name of the client and the scene audio in the post has been excluded for obvious reason.









Equipment Used:

CTX3030 and TRX Pin-pointer







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3 Replies to “Estate Search for Gold Krugerrands”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    One of the exciting parts of being a member of The Ring Finders are these types of calls! Too bad there wasn’t any left for you to find!

  2. John Hughes says:

    Nice, win or lose estate hunts are a blast.

  3. Matthew Fry says:

    Interesting call John. I bet the prospect was thrilling though.

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