Lost Engagement Ring Colorado River Wharton, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Engagement Ring Colorado River Wharton, Texas (Recovered)

I received a call from Sarah Saturday evening who was clearly upset about having just lost her engagement Ring in the Colorado River in Wharton, Texas. Sarah said she and her Fiancé Walsh and several friends were playing in the Colorado River this afternoon when her ring fell off and landed in the river. Sarah said she new the moment it happened and sat down immediately to mark the spot. Another friend found a stick on the shoreline and marked the location in the river as a reference point. (now that was some good teamwork and quick thinking)

Sarah sent the following photographs of the location on the Colorado River, you can just make out the branch in the water where their marker stake was driven into the ground. Sarah wanted an immediate response, but it was already late and working in the dark on the river was not an option.

I met Walsh and Sarah at their River house 07/27/2014 Sunday morning , and was very graciously greeted by both in the driveway of their residence. I found out later the Diamond in Sarah’s engagement had belonged to Walsh’s great grandmother and simply could not be replaced.


































Walsh and I made the descended down to the river. The river crossing wasn’t really bad, mostly only a few feet deep and a nice sandy bottom.

















The beach on the far side was my target for getting set up and establishing my search pattern and grid. Sarah provided oversight from the high bank and would often provide additional search details from her location.














About and hour into the search I got a nice low tone on the CTX3030. I had pulled numerous false signals at this point and I knew this was going to be something different.  The river had a nice sandy bottom, and the current would flush the bucket with little or no effort. I pulled the bucket out of the water looked in it and saw Walsh’s great grandmothers diamond.

A Bear Hug from Walsh immediately followed. 🙂 and then Sarah disappeared from sight on the high bank, turns out she was rolling on the ground overwhelmed with happiness.











































A great couple Walsh and Sarah















Walsh and Sarah were some very kind and friendly people, and it was a pleasure to return something of such great importance back to them.


Equipment Used:

CTX 3030



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John Volek




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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go John! It’s amazing how much sentimental value most people finds have…congratulation on your recovery!

  2. Great job John! Congrats on the recovery. Nice shirt!

  3. Another great job John. I look forward to more videos in the future (they add so much… as if we were actually on the search with you). Griff

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