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Man’s Wedding Band Lost in the Sand – FOUND Sunset Beach NC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I got a call from Shana asking if I would help find a Silver Wedding Band lost in the sand at Sunset Beach NC. I told her I’d be glad to help but I was at the movies with my wife and I couldn’t be there until about 10pm, which she agreed to. After the movies, I called Shana to let her know I was on my way, dropped my wife off at home, grabbed my gear and headed for the beach.

I arrived just prior to 10pm and met Jake, who was the one that lost his ring, and his wife, Maria at the beach access path. On the way out to the beach Jake told me that he was playing volleyball and when he hit the ball his ring flew off, he also gave me a description of the ring. Luckily they had left the net up and set out small light loops in the area they thought the ring would be in. He also let me know that about 15 family members had been digging through the sand in an attempt to find it. I let him know, for future reference, that it’s not really a good idea to try and dig through the sand because you could actually be burying the ring  deeper.

I started a north/south grid along the length of the net and on the same side where he thought the ring was and found a few junk items but no ring. I then did an east/west grid over the same area and came up with nothing. I was getting a little concerned that the ring may have been buried due to all the digging. I took a couple of steps outside the playing area and the net pole on the far side to start an expanded search, took two steps in the new grid and Bingo. I knew immediately I had it. I took a shallow scoop, shook out the sand and there it was. I nonchalantly walked back over to Jake and asked him again to tell me exactly what he did when he felt the ring fly off his finger and then asked him to describe the ring again, once he finished I held the scoop up to him and asked him if his ring looked like this one. Once he shined his flashlight into the scoop and saw his ring he got an instant smile from ear to ear and so did Maria.  It doesn’t get any better than this! On the way back to the car, Maria let me know that they’re heading back home tomorrow so this was a Must find tonight.

Overall, this was an easy search but we were all surprised how far the ring flew from hitting the ball with open hands.

Jake and Maria – thank you for your generous reward and have a safe trip home.

Thank you for reading.



Man’s Silver Wedding Band Lost in the sand – Found North Myrtle Beach SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I received a phone call from a third party asking if I’d contact Brian to possibly assist him in finding his Silver Wedding Band on the beach. I called Brian and he agreed that he wanted me to help in finding his ring so I jumped in the car and was there in about 15 minutes.

Brian and his wife gave me the details on what the ring looked like and the area of sand it should be in. I squared in the area, confirmed it and started doing my grid search. On my third line I got a strong signal, took a scoop of sand and shook it out and there was his very handsome ring. I called him over, held out the scoop and let him take the ring out. He gave a big fist pump and his family broke out in applause. His bride had a big smile on her face and gave him a kiss – what a moment!!!!!

This was a text book recovery thanks to Brian getting the ball rolling as soon as he lost his ring that resulted in a very happy ending!!!

Brian – thank you for the generous reward. Hope you and your family have a safe and relaxing vacation.

Remember – if you’ve lost your ring, jewelry or other treasure contact a member of the Ring Finders as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading my Blog.

Jim Wren


Miracle find on 20th Ave N., North Myrtle Beach

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I got a phone call about mid-morning from Michelle asking if I could help find her son’s black and silver medallion on a silver chain that was very sentimental to him that he lost the day before. She had originally called Chris Turner who told her to look for a TRF in her area. She then called Matt Fry, TRF for Myrtle Beach and Matt gave her my number since the loss was in North Myrtle Beach.

I got the description of the medallion and the location of the loss and headed out. I met Michelle and her son on the beach about 20 minutes later and they gave me the general area where the medallion was lost after a towel the item was laying on was picked up and shaken. I started working a north/south grid which was almost impossible as the beach crowd started showing up with their umbrellas and beach chairs laying claim to spots in the sand. I covered as much area as I could without disturbing anyone and decided I’d return in the early evening when the vacationers would be off the beach.

This is where the story turns into a real “Serendipity” (as defined by Wikipedia). I arrived back on the beach at about 5pm, which was an hour earlier then I had told Michelle I’d be there. As I’m walking down the narrow beach access path, which was not the same one I had originally taken on my first visit, I passed a gentleman (Jimmy) who wished me luck. I told him I was there searching for an item that I had gotten a call from someone on. He asked me if I was searching for a black and silver medallion and silver chain with a date engraved on the back. I replied I was and he told me he and his wife saw a little glisten in the sand when they arrived and pulled it out of the sand. He said he took it to his room to turn in at the front desk a little later. I about fell over at this point. I called Michelle and had her verify the engraved date and told her the story which she just couldn’t believe. She called it a miracle. I put Jimmy on the phone so he and Michelle could work out the details of returning the medallion.

This is an unbelievable story that has to go down as Michelle put it – a miracle. What’s the odds of me walking down this particular path instead of the other one, running into this one beachgoer out of the thousands that come and go on this beach in a day and us exchanging conversation to find this item? Plus I don’t think Michelle and her family are staying in the same hotel as Jimmy and his wife, so if that’s the case Michelle’s son would not have gotten the medallion back. Also if I hadn’t run into Jimmy I’d of been out on the beach for a long time searching for something that wasn’t there.

I may not have personally picked this item out of the sand but I bumped into the one guy who did and because we met the goal of The Ring Finders of getting a lost item back into the hands of the rightful owner and putting a BIG smile on their face was obtained.

Michelle – Thank you for the generous reward!!!

Thank you for reading my post.

Jim Wren

Man’s 14K White Gold Wedding Band lost in the Ocean – Found and Returned in North Myrtle Beach

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

On July 10th, 2015 I received a call from Scott stating he had lost his wedding band in the Ocean and wanted to know if I could help. I started asking Scott the obvious questions of what time he lost it, how deep in the surf he was, etc. There was no way I wasn’t going to help him but my dilemma was the fact that two days earlier I had had 3 separate surgeries at one time and the doctor had me on a lifting weight limitation of nothing heavier than a jug of milk and I could not get any of the areas wet and risk infection, so I was restricted to about knee deep water.

Scott and his family were headed back home to Charlotte, NC so they put me in touch with Scott’s parents Bud and Martha who were staying a few extra days on vacation. I met up with them on the beach and they showed me the area Scott lost his ring. Things weren’t looking good for me as far as the depth of water I needed to search. I searched out to about thigh deep water and started getting some bigger swells that were getting to close to my wounds.

After doing about as much as I could, I contacted my son-in-law who has never metal detected before and ask if he could help. He showed up in about 15 minutes and I started running him through the process of using my White’s PI Dual Surf detector, laying targets in the sand for him to interpret and showing him how to search.

About an hour of watching him search the surf and coming up empty I brought him back in and relieved him and started searching the low tide line towards the high tide line. At this point it’s about 10:30 pm, very dark and I’m thinking of calling it for the night and returning at low tide the next morning.

I was talking to Bud and Martha and decided I’d work a little further up towards the high tide line when my son-in-law spoke up and said “I’ll do it”. So I stepped back and let him go, at this point I’m thinking that I had created a monster. And what a monster he turned out to be, about his third pass in the grid I saw his face and watched him dig up a scoop full of sand. I walked over and showed him how to dump the sand out of the scoop, spread it with his foot and narrow his target area. Soon as he did the flashlight picked up a small round object and there was a ring. I verified the inscription that Scott’s wife Diane said would be inside the ring and we had the right one.

I called Scott and gave him the good news and his response was priceless, so was Diane’s which I heard through the phone.

Scott – Thank you very much for the gracious reward which I gave it all to my son-in-law.


Note from Scott:

Sooo Awesome!!! We cannot thank you enough!!! We will be back in August and give you a call. Thank You!!!

Thank you for reading my blog!!

If you’ve lost your ring on the beach or in the ocean contact a member listed in the directory at TheRingFinders.com web site as soon as possible.


Metal Detector Rental North Myrtle Beach SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

Why rent a metal detector when you can hire a Metal Detecting Specialist who has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to find your precious treasure!

Typically, rented metal detectors found in and around beach areas are inexpensive machines that will not work in water and/or wet sand (because of the mineralization in the sand). The machines are sketchy at best in the dry sand because of the quality of the detector. There are occasions when someone may find their item in dry sand areas but the majority of people will waste their time, effort, and money especially if they’ve never worked with a metal detector before. It also depends on the tides. You may have lost your item during low tide and when you realize it is gone it is now high tide. Most Metal Detecting Specialists have metal detectors just for this purpose; their machines work in water, up to waist deep or more, to aid in the recovery of your lost treasure. Instead of wasting your time, money, and vacation looking for your item you can call a specialist to do it for you.

Contact a metal detecting specialist through TheRingFinders.com directory.

Click here to read my stories.

Search areas include but are not limited to North Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, Beach, Ocean (up to 5 ft deep), Parks, Yards and Athletic fields. Prior permission will be necessary on all private property and may be required in State Parks and Athletic fields.

I work on a “Reward Basis” meaning you pay what you can afford and feel it’s worth for me to find your item. If the item cannot be found there will be a $25.00 call out fee to cover gas. Veterans, Police and Fire crews are exempt from a call out fee.

10% of all reward money I receive will be donated to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in your name.

Call as soon as possible after the loss.

Jim Wren


Man’s 10K Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Ocean – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I received an e-mail through my Ring Finders address at about 9:30 pm from Chad here on vacation from WV. His e-mail said he had lost his wedding ring 4 days earlier during high tide while swimming in the ocean. He went on to tell me that the ring was very sentimental because it belonged to his grandfather and that it was a gold wedding band with approx. 5 small diamonds going across” the top evenly spaced. He also thought it was 10K but wasn’t 100% sure. He requested that if I find it or know of anyone who might find it to please call him. He also said there was a gentlemen on the beach metal detecting at the time he lost it and he also requested from him that if he finds it to please call him.

I responded back to Chad advising him that I’d be willing to help ,him and even though it was getting late I could be there within 15 minutes and catch the outgoing tide. In a follow up e-mail he stated he’d like to have me look for it so away I went. He and his family were out enjoying the sites of Myrtle Beach so I got there before he did and started searching where I thought he had described. Needless to say I was off about 25-50 yards. It wasn’t too long before he showed up and got me on track. As we were walking towards the new search area I asked him where he was from and when he told me WV I told him that just the night before I had found a young lady’s ring who was also from WV. Ironically she was his sister in law.

I started searching the low tide line working my way back towards the beach. It was late so Chad went back to his room. I worked my grid for about an hour and a half finding all the typical beach junk and finally got a good signal. The ring was deeper than I thought it would be but none the less it was the ring. I called him and just told him to meet me outside, I think he thought I was finished for the night. He met me and I held the ring out and he was shocked that I found it. Another very happy ending!!!!

Thank you Chad for the gracious reward.

I received the following e-mail from Jaime Plymale:

Author: Jaime Plymale (Chad’s wife)


You are a kind, amazing man!!! A man of many miracles, an angel on earth!!! I cried when my husband showed me his lost ring that you found after 4 days and heavy storms!! When he lost it, I didn’t think we would ever see it again! I wish I would have been there to personally give you a hug!! What you do is wonderful and I am thankful for your help!!! Thanks so much!!!

Engagement and Wedding Ring Lost in the Sand – FOUND in North Myrtle Beach, SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I got a call from Holli asking if I could help her friend Kandi find her lost engagement and wedding ring that had been lost in the sand when the wind blew the bag over that the rings were in.

I was able to get to the beach in about an hour but there was a very heavy thunderstorm going through the area that delayed me in starting the search because of all the lightening associated with the storm. In the meantime, Kandi told me that her and her husband Bill had rented a  metal detector and attempted to find the rings themselves. I explained that the metal detectors that can be rented are inexpensive detectors that will not work in water or wet sand (because of the mineralization) and sketchy at best in dry sand. I also told them that if you’re unfamiliar with a metal detector you might get lucky and find your item but more likely than not you’re wasting your time and money.

After giving me a full description of the rings, Kandi showed me the area she thought the ring would be in and I started my grid. After about 40 minutes I had to expand my search out a little and within a couple of minutes I got a strong signal.  I took a small scoop of sand, shook it out and there was this beautiful ring  that matched exactly as the one Kandi described. I glanced over at Kandi, who with Bill, Holli and her husband had been watching me as I was doing the search. I gave Kandi a wink, a little smile and nod for her to come over. Not knowing what I was up to she sheepishly made her way over to me. I held the scoop out so she could look in it and BOOM, she saw her ring, reached in and grabbed it and gave me a huge hug and her tears started flowing. The other 4 of us were totally caught up in the moment.

I love doing this for people and there’s little else that can give you the same feeling of accomplishment.

Bill and Kandi, thank you so much for the very generous reward. 

Thank you for reading my Blog.

Remember, it will save you time, effort and money if you hire a metal detecting specialist who has the knowledge and equipment to bring your treasure back to you!!! Find a specialist near you through TheRingFinders.com web site directory.

Jim Wren

North Myrtle Beach, SC



Lost Man’s Gold Wedding Band – Recovered and Returned in North Myrtle Beach, SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I received an e-mail from Candy on June 22nd stating that her and her husband Charles, had been in North Myrtle Beach on their honeymoon.  He had lost his gold with diamond cut silver lining wedding band in the ocean in about waist deep water. She gave me a general idea of where it was lost and the hotel they were staying at as a reference.

I had a strong feeling this was going to be a tough hunt as it was. To complicate matters, the ring was lost ten days earlier on June 12th (one day after their wedding), I was currently out of town on vacation and Candy and Charles were back home. I contacted my counterpart, Matt Fry in Myrtle Beach, and asked him if he’d contact Candy and see if he could help her.  He did, and he also got a couple of pictures of the ring, but due to work obligations he wasn’t able to do an immediate search.

I returned home from vacation two days later and contacted Matt for an update on the ring. He said he wasn’t able to search and sent me the pictures. The following evening I hit the beach at low tide and started the search without a more definitive area to search. After 3 to 4 hours of searching, it was getting dark so I suspended the search and planned on getting out the next morning.

Early the next morning I showed up at low tide and expanded my search into thigh to waist deep water. After about an hour in the water I got a good strong signal, dug out 3 scoops of sand and there was a ring shining up at me through the shells. When I found the ring I wasn’t positive it was the one I was looking for because in my mind, I thought Charles’ ring had diamonds on it. After another 2 hours of searching I went home.

Once I got back home I verified the ring with the pictures I’d received and it was clearly a match. I immediately typed up an e-mail to Candy with pictures of me holding the ring and then I called her. Needless to say she was elated, as well as shocked, that after 2 weeks her husband’s ring was found. I wrapped the ring up with a couple of small shells, as a memento of their honeymoon vacation in North Myrtle Beach and mailed it back to them.

Total search time was between 6 to 7 hours in the choppy Atlantic Ocean.


A note from Candy:

Jim, Thank you for taking your time to find this. That means so much to us. It is great to know that there are still good people out there. You have made our day. Thank you again. Candy M.

The joy of finding and returning someone’s ring and then seeing that happy face with a big smile on it will never get old!

Thank you for reading my blog!!

Jim Wren/TheRingFinders.com/843-655-5889.


What To Do When You Lose Your Ring

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

As Ring Finders, we get a lot of calls to recover jewelry soon after it was lost. Unfortunately, some people inadvertently make it harder to find their jewelry after they lose it. Here are some tips to help recover your ring, earring, necklace, watch or other jewelry.

The first thing to do is STOP. Look around, notice where you are, and what landmarks are nearby. If you are at the beach, which hotel/house are you at, are you near a lifeguard station, cabana, boardwalk or trash can? At a park, are you near a light pole, bench, tree or volleyball court? Unfortunately, too many people can only say, “I lost my ring on Ocean Beach” which is miles in length, and far too large to search.

Retrace your steps. When do you last remember wearing your jewelry? What is the last thing you remember doing? For example, it is quite common to lose a ring after applying lotion or washing your hands. Earrings and necklaces can slip off during sports, while changing clothes, or while arranging picnics and blankets.

Next, make a specific list of the places you have been since last seeing your ring.

Now you are ready to search. Be gentle! Tell everyone to walk around slowly, and search with their eyes. Avoid using rakes or other tools, as far more items are dragged into cracks, drains, holes, etc. by inexperienced searching than are recovered that way. You cannot recover what you do not see!

Do you have a smart phone? Open up the map, drop a pin on your location, and send the pin to a friend. This will save the GPS coordinates of your location so we can go right to that same spot later. This is VERY important on large beaches.

At the beaches in North Myrtle Beach, Cherry Grove, Myrtle Beach, Sunset and Huntington Beach we commonly recover items as deep as 6 to 8 inches, even when they were lost that day. The ring will usually start about half an inch under the sand, but get pushed deeper as it gets stepped on by searchers. While our equipment can find items up to about 10-12 inches, recoveries that deep are much harder than those on the surface. If you know where the item is lost, and cannot see it, call us quickly!

If you’ve lost your ring on the beach or in the surf, it’s very important to remember the date, time and location of the loss. This will help us determine the tide levels for that period and to conduct an optimum search.

At parks in Horry County, lost items usually remain on the surface, hidden in the grass or ground covering. Our advice is the same: Walk the area slowly and gently, using your eyes to do the work. Many items can be recovered through careful visual searches. Avoid rakes or other tools: we have seen small items tossed ten feet through the air when they catch on a rake tine.

If you do not find your item quickly, contact The RingFinders! We have successfully recovered jewelry of every description all up and down the Grand Strand. People have contacted Ring Finders from North Myrtle and Myrtle Beach. We work at parks, schools, private property (with permission) and businesses.

If you have lost a ring or other jewelry in the North Myrtle Beach area, contact me. RingFinders work on a reward-only basis. Click here to read more stories about finding lost rings.

Good luck!

P.S. If your ring is still on your finger, make sure it isn’t loose, and inscribe your name or ID on the inside.

Originally posted on Sept 6, 2010 by Dave Millman

Lost and FOUND Lady’s White Gold Wedding Band at North Myrtle Beach SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

While out shopping with my wife, daughter and granddaughter I received a call from Allison who was very upset that she lost her wedding band. She said she was digging in the sand with her son and thought she should take both her engagement ring and wedding band off. She told me she put them in a bag next to her towel and when she went to retrieve them only the engagement ring was in the bag. I told her I could be there in about an hour to hour and a half.  When I arrived at the beach behind the resort where she was staying I called her and she quickly met me. I also met her husband Gordon who had already marked a 15X20 foot square in the sand around the area they had been sitting. I asked her to describe her ring, what exactly happened and the general area she was in. I set a north/south grid and started searching. The first grid line produced a beer cap, the second grid line produced a house or room key and when I looked at her I could see her hope in finding the ring was fading. There was nothing on the third grid line and as I turned to do the fourth line I got a good signal with my White’s PI dual field and took a shallow scoop. After shaking out the sand I couldn’t see anything with the sea grass in the scoop so I  shook the scoop one more time – bingo!!! There was her size 5 wedding band. I reached in the scoop, looked at her, gave her a little smile and a wink and nodded my head for her to come over to me. She covered her mouth with both hands and I’m pretty sure tears started rolling out of both of our eyes. I held my closed fist out and dropped the ring in her outstretched hands and then got one of  the biggest hugs I’ve ever had. I got extra hugs and handshakes from her husband, dad and a couple of other relatives. It was truly amazing and something I’ll never forget. Total search time was less than 5 minutes.