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Car Keys Lost and Found in North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Joe Denton, the mine lab distributor in North Myrtle, called me asking if I wanted a search for some car keys. Sure, I’m always up for a search. Joe sent me the contact information, and I called Ben. Ben explained that his friend had lost his keys the night before on the beach. I told him I’d be there in 30-40 minutes.

As I’m driving to the beach, it starts pouring down rain; I’m good as long as there’s no lightening. When I arrived, Tristan met me at the beach access and explained that he and his buddies were out sitting on the beach. He said he was sitting in one of the low back beach chairs and figures the keys fell out of his pocket. He set me up in the area, and I started a normal grid search. I knew the keys would stand out loud and clear when I waved the coil over them. An hour and a half later, and moving my grid lines out farther and farther both north and south, there were no keys. Tristan had mentioned that he and some other fire fighters were down here for some R&R from Virginia. I asked him if these were the keys to the car that was going to get them back home, they were! He said he had contacted a lock smith who wanted $400.00 dollars to make a new car key. Tristan had also been in contact with his parents to overnight a spare key so the group could get home.

Tristan finally walked over to me, with a couple of his buddies and let me know that they weren’t over as far as I was searching, and really appreciated me trying. This was one of those special serendipity moments. As we were walking off the beach, I noticed the life guard setting up for the day. I walked over and asked him if someone had turned in a set of keys, as I’m asking him, the beach patrol was driving up in their beach cart. The life guard said no, so I asked the beach patrol. She said as a matter of fact, someone had. As she pulls the keys out of the glove box, I saw Tristan’s face light up. Right place, right time, right person and Tristan had his keys back. Sometimes things just happen, and this was one of them.

Tristan, you and your buddies stay safe, and have a safe trip home.



Car Key Lost in the Sand – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I was on my way home from doing an interview for a local news station about The Ring Finders when I received a call from Brian. Brian was visiting from Charlotte with his family and he wasn’t sounding real happy! He said his little brother, Maury had been doing a little late evening partying on the beach and had their mother’s car and other keys. Partying with keys on the beach late at night usually doesn’t end well as it was in this case. I got the location and headed in his direction.

I got there in about 20 minutes and got to meet Maury who was keeping a real low profile. It was either because of the partying last night or because he had a whole family pretty upset with him! It was more likely the latter because the family, at least 7 of them, was going to have to fit into 1 car with all the luggage and drive four plus hours back to Charlotte to get the spare set of keys. Then a couple of them turn back around, drive back to North Myrtle Beach get the 2nd car and drive back to Charlotte. I had to get this young man out of the dog house. Luckily mom (Saundra) pretty much knew the area the keys were lost in because the family had been out trying to sift through the sand with their hands to find the keys. I made about 4 passes on my grid search and got a big signal, too big and too deep for the loss keys. Dug it out and I believe it was one of Maury’s “beverage” cans. I ran my coil over and next to the hole and got another signal, one scoop and there they were. I held the keys up for Saundra to see and I think she did a little dance. I know Maury was feeling much better and probably relieved he would get to be inside the car on the ride home.  

Saundra and Brian, it was great meeting you and your family today, you’re an awesome bunch!!! Maury good luck to you buddy. Take this as a “good” lessons learned and stay out of trouble. You all have a safe trip home and thank you so much for trusting in me to help find your keys.


Thank you for reading my blog

Lost Key FOB Lost in the Sand – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call around 8:15pm from my son-in-law (Donnie), a NMB policeman, about a lady who had lost her Key FOB on the beach. A few minutes later he texted me her phone number. I contacted Dana and found out the details of what happened with her keys . She said she was sitting on the beach and decided to go into the water to take some pictures of her daughters from an ocean view. After coming out of the water and walking back to her car she realized she didn’t have her key FOB any longer. She wasn’t sure whether she lost them on the walk out on the beach, in the area she was sitting or in the water. This all happened about 7:30pm with an incoming tide. I asked her if she’d like for me to come out and see if I could find them, she agreed and I was on my way. She really didn’t have many options considering a spare FOB was at home with her husband which is about 7 hours away.

I met Dana, her father, and 2 daughters in one of the public access parking lots and we walked out to the beach. By now it was a little after 9pm so I was concerned the keys might be under water. I told her I’d follow her out to where she thought the keys were at swinging the detector as we walked. We stopped about 25 yards from the access and she said this is about where she had been sitting, two swings over the area and bingo!!! Took a scoop of sand out of the hole, shook it over the ground and reached down, picked up her keys and handed them to her. She was in total disbelief.

Dana, thank you for trusting in me to help you find you lost keys, although not a diamond or gold ring, at the time that FOB was priceless.