Wedding ring found in back yard - Lakewood, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Olivia Frank had lost her wedding ring in her back yard. The couple had searched the yard extensively without any luck. After 6 months of worry and frustration they found “Ring Finders” and through that my contact information. We made arrangements and set a meeting date for me to join them at their home for a brief talk and survey of the site.

My first trip to their house gave me the story of the rings loss and the layout of the yard. I managed to get in about three hours of search time before rain and snow drove me off the hunt site. I was certain that the ring was not in the portion of the yard they swore it in.

Upon my second trip to their house I went over the area that I had previously searched with two other detectors and no ring. I then expanded my search area and started running another search pattern. After another three hours of searching I ended up finding the ring several feet away from the expected location.

“Liv” was so excited and happy that she began to tear up when she got her hands on her ring again. It did need a good cleaning by a jeweler, but that is what happens when a ring is left to the elements for several months.

Ring recovered on December 4, 2010.

Liv and her ring

Livs ring