Lost Tantalum Wedding Ring Recovered In Edmonds Washington!

  • from Seattle (Washington, United States)

With the great weather we can experience in the summer months, comes yard work! A large number of my ring searches take place in gardens, yards and yard waste bins! And it is definitely the season for lost rings!

Micheal emailed about his Tantalum (I had to google that metal, it was new to me!) ring he had lost in his beautiful front yard garden. He tried to find it to no avail, and needed my services to find it quick, or he was going to be in the “doghouse” with the wife! ๐Ÿ™‚

I was able to come by this Saturday and was very glad I was able to find it quickly! It would have been a real difficult search without a detector, but just took moments with one. I was very impressed with the style and metal of this handsome ring and happy to give Michael a positive outcome! If you or someone you know loses a metal item, don’t delay! Call the Ringfinders!


Gorgeous Tantalum Ring!

Tantalum wedding ring found!


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4 Replies to “Lost Tantalum Wedding Ring Recovered In Edmonds Washington!”

  1. Jeff Morgan says:

    Beautiful pattern and new metal to me as well “Tantalum” very interesting. Great find! ๐Ÿค™

    Jeff Morgan
    YouTube: #SeattleRingHunter

  2. Tim Henderson says:

    Just curious which detector you used and what was the vdi number. I have a lady local to where I live is needing help finding that type of metal ring and I have no idea what numbers I should be looking for. Any information would help greatly thank you.

  3. Chet says:

    Hi fellas:relic rescue here! Going to try and rescue a tantalum ring tomorrow! Could you share VDI numbers with me, is it like silver or gold, using Garrett AT Max

  4. It has been quite a while, I forgot what the vdi was, even what it sounded like, so I am not much help I guess. I used the XP Deus. Sorry I cant help further.

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