Lost Gold Chain with Ring Recovered on Block Island RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)


Brandi contacted me on 8/1/2023 to ask for my help.  She was referred to me by Wayne, a friend and experienced metal detecting enthusiast.  Brandi’s husband, Iving, had lost a man’s gold chain on which hung a woman’s gold wedding ring.  These items held much sentimental value to Irving, as well as his sister Nancy, as they were gifts from their dad and mom, who had passed away.  The chain with ring came off when Irving was diving into the ocean at a beach on Block Island on 7/28/2023.  They hired someone to look for the item and even went back to Block Island to search themselves but were unsuccessful.  I knew I had to get out there as soon as possible to search for the item, so I headed out to Block Island the next day.  After searching in the water for two and a half hours, I found the chain with ring still securely attached.  I called Brandi from the beach to give her the good news…she was so excited.  Brandi and Irving, as well as his sister Nancy and her partner Manny, came to my home to retrieve the item.  They were very emotional when I returned the chain with ring.  What a touching moment when Irving put it back on his neck.  My wife and I felt an instant connection to this beautiful family.

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