Lost wedding band at the beach found by Dennis Burlingame

Got a call from Pat and his wife that his wife lost her wedding band on a local beach after taking it off to put lotion on, placing it down and getting side tracked forgetting it was on the blanket. Just after leaving the beach she remembered the ring and it was already lost in the sand. This was the day before they called. I drove down to meet him and luck ally he was taking pictures that day and they gave me a better idea where to look. There were people on the beach so I had to walk through them hoping no one was sitting on it. After about 15 minutes there was one spot opened about 15 feet from where I was checking that was opened and sure enough there pops out the ring. A bunch of thumbs up from the people around and a big smile and a hand shake we were on our way.

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  1. Christine Agresti says:

    Dennis you are amazing at what you do. When I realized I lost my diamond eternity band, I was panicked and devastated. I quickly realized that the day before I was putting lotion on took it off and forgot to put it back on. In a simple shake of the towel my ring was tossed into the sand buried. My husband spent hours on the beach frantically searching for the ring as I tore the house apart hoping that it would turn up. No such luck. My husband had walked down to the Pavilion on Spring Lake and the lady in the office mentioned someone had used ring finders. My husband told me and a second later I was speaking with Dennis. He made me feel like there was hope after all. He was able to meet my husband at the beach and my husband narrowed down the search area. Dennis did his thing and like magic my ring appeared. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for finding this special ring for me. Lesson learned leave your jewelry at home.

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