Yard-Work Claims Another Gold Wedding Ring, In Mt Laurel NJ (Temporally)

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)










Cindy, a grade school classmate of mine, recommended me to a friend of hers. Cindy’s friend’s husband Bryan lost his white gold wedding ring while doing yard work last weekend. 

I was able to meet up with Nichole today to do a search. She showed me the areas he was working last weekend. I started in the small area in the front yard with no luck. I moved to the much larger area in the backyard. A lot of leaves and thick grass made a great hiding spot for a ring. 

I searched just about the whole backyard with no luck. I was going to get my machine with the smaller coil to search the areas closer to metal objects. While walking back to my truck I said to myself I should expand the search area in the front yard. 

3 feet from the area I searched I get a good hit on my detector. I bend down and spread the grass, and there is the missing ring. I was able to surprise Nichole when she answered the door. She was so happy, she said she was going to get the ring resized before Bryan can wear it again. He has lost it a few times recently.

I love my hobby!

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