Lost Wedding Ring at the church!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Sadie called and said that she and her kids had gone to the church for a Saturday afternoon playground session. When they got there the gate was locked so they decided to have a picnic on a grassy area instead. Sadie had me come out the next day and showed me the area it could have possibly been in and I began my search. Being Palm Sunday you can imagine there were lots of people interested and finally a very nice man named Bob with security came out to make sure everything was ok. As soon as he walked up to me he said, “I know you! You run Pensacola Ring Finders”. 😃. He had some experience with detecting and very kindly walked Sadie and a gentleman that was helping out of the search zone. I finished the area and about the time I was going to tell Sadie that we needed to expand the search, Sadie and Bob started yelling for me to come over. Sadie had looked down 30 yards from the area she thought it was in and saw her precious ring gleaming in the sun. I definitely can’t take detecting credit for this one but sometimes knowing where it’s not makes all the difference. I like to think that a little Palm Sunday divine guidance doesn’t hurt either. 😃👏Congratulations Sadie and thanks for the assist Bob!

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