Wedding band lost Minnesota Lake scuba metal detecting found

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Anna & her husband were spending some time up at a friend’s cabin in Minnesota. While playing football in the water, her husband’s white gold wedding band was knocked off and lost in the lake. After searching the area as best as they could, they had given up hope of ever finding it. A couple years later they were talking with friends about the incident, one of their friends suggested – So Anna checked online and gave me a call. The water level was about 3 – 4 feet where he lost it. I figured a shallow water scuba dive would give me the best chance at retrieval. We met up at the cabin and after many shot-gun shells & pull tabs, I found the ring about 5 feet from the dock in approx. 4 feet of water. Congrats on the ring!!!!!


Glad I could help out. :O)




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