Lost Ring Found - Castle Rock Lake with Video

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

We recently were called up for a hunt to Castle Rock Lake, WI. Ring was lost at Alcatraz Island. We spent around 1.5 hours just trying to find the location they lost it in. The woman knew she had lost it there, but when we returned the landscape of the lake was totally different. The weekend before there were hundreds and hundreds of boats … the day we went up there were 5.

For the other lake hunters reading this, they can appreciate the difference that makes when trying to find a location in a lake. There are few landmarks to “grid” against. We had one photo taken from the day she lost it – which ended up being our treasure map. We spent 1.5 hours matching up that photo with the landscape, tree by tree. Then once we felt we were in the right location, I set up my 4 PVC pipes, which I use as grid markers in lake searches. 15 mins later – bingo. That feeling of pulling something so valuable out of a wide open lake is incredible.

We’ve started to GoPro our hunts, so below is a video from that day. I love capturing that moment we either show / tell someone we found their ring – truly priceless as you will hear in this video. I’ve also included a link to the full story of how the ring was lost and found from the woman’s point of view.





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