Lost platinum diamond engagement ring


I was contacted early last week by a lady who had lost her platinum diamond engagement ring back in February. She had been feeding the ducks when she lost the ring in the lake. She tried herself to find it and also another detectorist searched, but with no luck.

We arranged a day and off I went to meet her and her husband in Leicestershire. We were blessed with good weather , and after a short drive to the lake, her husband and I were in the lake. Me with detector and scoop, and her husband helping with another scoop. All I was finding was the occasional modern coin and just one piece of foil, a very clean lake I thought.

About three hours into the search and I hadn’t left the water, but I did not feel like giving up just yet. Then I started to get a signal with a very strong iron signal close by caused by the steel reinforcement in a concrete slipway. This was very annoying and quite off putting, there was also quite a lot of algae constantly clinging to my search coil. I noticed when I was moving the algae the signal would move, so the target had to be close. Put my hand in where the target was as I was now getting a double signal so it had to be just under the coil….out it came! “is this your ring” holding it up to attract her attention. She jumped up and ran over, she was so very happy to have that ring back . ” I’m not feeding the ducks ever again” she said.

Her face just said it all! She could not believe it and neither could I. It made my week knowing I had reunited a lovely couple with their engagement ring.

It was a great challenge for me, as water is not my favoured  detecting environment. So bring on the next one!

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  1. great find Under difficult conditions.

  2. Alex Whitehouse says:

    It was my ring! Constantine was just amazing and I can not thank him enough. We had all but given up and now the ring is firmly on my finger and he’s right, the ducks aren’t getting any bread from me!
    Totally brilliant. Alex

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