Metal Detecting for a lost gold wedding band on Crescent Beach/South Surrey

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call while I was at work, this young man told me the story about how his wife’s wedding band fell off her finger and into the ocean where they were standing. He said that they searched for 3 hours in knee deep water but had no luck in finding the ring.

The night before I was out searching for a young man’s wedding band at 12 AM and I was a little tired as I just switched to nights for work that day.

I listened to his story and I needed to check the tide chart on my Iphone to see when the next low tide was so I told him I’d call him back.

The next low tide was at 7:59 AM…I would be working to 4:30 AM that morning so I had to decide if I could make it out there…I figured I could drive out there after work and get a few hours of sleep then meet him and find his wife’s wedding band and get a few more hours sleep to wait out the morning rush hour, then go home and get a few more hours of sleep then go to work.

I called him back and we were to meet at 7AM that morning for the search. I drove out to the Crescent Beach area and slept in my car for a bit then at 7AM I met Mohumad.

Mohumad explained what happened that day and that he was sure of the area the ring was lost in, which helps a lot when your searching for something so small. He drove and I followed him to the beach, when we got there the tide was out and Mohumad showed me where he thought the ring would be.

He walked to the top of the beach where there was a big patch of seaweed and walked out towards the water and stopped and said this is the area here!

I started my search and within 20 seconds or so I found the ring! It helps so much when a person doesn’t panic and makes a mental note of the area the ring was lost in because it gives me a great chance to find the ring the next day. I had a similar search at a beach years back and it took me close to 3 hours to locate the lost ring.This was because the person didn’t make a note of the area but just pointed and said out there some where…Thanks Mohumad, it was great meeting you and I’m glad your wife has her ring back!

I love my job!

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