Lost diamond ring at Harrison Hot Springs...

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

My son was out camping with a few friends at Harrison Hot Springs and a girl he went to school with lost her diamond engagement ring at the lake.

She tells me that she put the ring on her towel while she was sun tanning and when she woke up from a short sleep, she got up and shook the towel.

My son, the young lady and her fiancé, searched and searched for her ring, then it hit my son! I know someone who can help! He called and explained the situation and I was on my way to find her ring.

When I showed up they put me the area that the ring was lost in and I started to search. After 10 minutes I knew that the ring was to deep due to the fact that they were digging around for hours searching for it.

I cut back the sand and pebbles and after 10 minutes I found her beautiful diamond ring, needless to say her and her fiancé were very happy.

I love my job!

If you need help finding your lost ring, contact me ASAP!