Large White Gold Ring...Lost in Snow/Cypress Mountain

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

We just had a big dump of snow in mid December and the first call I get was from a young man who lost his big 8 mm white gold ring up at Cypress mountain.

He tells me that his call car got stuck in the snow and he got out and started to dig out his front tire.

All of a sudden he looked down to see his ring was no longer on his finger… Panic sets in as he spends the next couple of hours searching for his lost ring.

Cold and dark now he decides to go home and look to find a metal detector to rent. The next morning he drives back up the mountain with his rented metal detector to search the area.

As he arrives he notices that the side of the road where his car was stuck in the snow has now been plowed and the snow pushed up and over. This changes everything! He spends 3 hours searching but has to call it quits… No ring.

That day when he gets back home he gets on the computer and starts searching for a way to find his ring. Something he types in takes him to Finders and he reads the website and sends an S.O.S

I reply to his distress call…email… and we set up a time to meet and search for the ring the next morning.

I met up with the man and we take my truck to search for his ring. On the way up he tells me how sad he is as his wife is out of town and they were only married for 8 months and now he lost the ring.

I could tell how much the ring meant to him and how bad he wanted it back. I assured him that I’d do my best and if it was there, I’d find it.

We get to the spot and he shows me where his car got stuck, but now it’s been plowed and that changes everything.

I tell him to wait in the truck and stay warm as it was very cold out. I started my grid search and within 5 minutes I got a great signal about 30 feet from where he was parked. I start to dig and out pops a big white gold ring… I hold it up and he comes running and screaming…No way! You found it!

Every ring has a story attached to it and it has an amazing meaning for the person who lost it. I help continue that story by finding it for them…

I love my job!

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Thanks for reading my story.

(Search and we will Find)