Steveston BC/First ring of 2009/Happy New Year!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Its snowing out and cold and I get a call to search for a man’s lost wedding band here in Vancouver. We meet and he takes me to an area where he was at a house party, he tells me that he walked out of the house to the street and flagged a cab.

I search this area to no avail and then he tells me he walked eight blocks home… Realistically we both knew there is no chance, he doesn’t know where or when it came off his finger.

I’m on my way home and I get another call that a man lost his white gold wedding band out in Steveston. I head off in the snow to meet this young man and hopefully find his ring.

When I get there he tells me that he came out of his place and was greeted by a couple of the neighbors dogs, he was petting the dogs and walking down the street where he stopped and petted them some more.

Then he carried on up the road to a restaurant for breakfast, when he was in the restaurant and waiting for his wife he noticed that his ring was gone…

After hours of searching the neighborhood with the help of everyone who was out playing in the snow, he gave up and went inside.

He told me within minutes he was on his computer searching for a way to find his ring. He typed ”I lost my ring in the snow” and up comes a testimonial from a man who had his ring found by a treasure hunter who has a service called ”Finders”

His first thought was there’s no way this service is here in Vancouver… To his surprise it was.

He showed me the area that he first was petting the dogs… no ring. I did a grid search up the street to the second location he petted the dogs… no ring. After a few hours and heavy snowfall we decide to call it a day.

That evening he called to see if I’d come back to search an area that we didn’t check. The next day I drive back out to continue the search, the hardest part is when the person isn’t sure where the ring came off, but he felt strongly about an area that we didn’t search the day before.

The walkway and area where he believed it could be had been shoveled and piled up high on the side. I started searching in the deep powder as the snow was soft and easy to search, but it was deep in spots and some places were too built up to search.

A few hours and no ring, are we in the right spot? The young man was thankful for my help and rewarded me both times I came out to search, which was so incredibly kind as I didn’t find his ring.

A couple of weeks go bye, I believe it was New Years Day, I called him to see if I could do a follow up as the snow had melted, he agreed to meet me.

We check all the smaller snow piles and no ring, we went back to the area that we checked the last time I was there and on the side of the walkway where the snow was piled up I got a good strong signal.

As I bent down to search the snow, I told him this signal sounded good and out pop his hammered white gold ring! I felt so happy for him, I get as excited as the people I find it for, I just don’t show it.

He had a good hunch that the ring would be in this area and he was right!

I love my Job!

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