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White Rock Beach Lost & Found Ring

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I received a call to help a young lady find her ring that she lost a few nights ago at White Rock beach. We talked on the phone and she told me the story how her ring was lost, spending the night at the beach with friends having a few drinks, and just being young and having fun, she felt her ring slip off her finger while in the water at about waist deep. Polina then told me the story behind the ring and how much it meant to her to find it, I was up for the challenge.

This was a bit of a hike down to the beach as it’s not a place I normally search, Polina sent me pictures of the area and told me a friend of hers had searched a couple of times with the metal detector in hopes of finding her ring. ( Nice guy)!

Polina decided to meet me that day to show me the areas she was in and where she believed the ring was lost. The poor thing, she was pretty beat up from the coral on the rocks, she could barely walk, she was so cut up and scraped up. When we made it down to the beach I could tell it was going to be a very difficult search due to the size of the rocks in the area, the one good thing was Polina remembered a rock that was a pyramid shape where she believed the ring may have slipped off her finger.

With alcohol and the fact that it was dark out and the beach was lit by the moonlight, it was almost hard to believe she could remember seeing such a rock. When we got to the beach she pointed out a pyramid-shaped rock that she wanted me to check around and I did, but had no luck. I took a look around and started to do a grid search the best I could do considering the difficulty of the size of rocks in the area. After approximately two hours I found her beautiful ring! Guess what it was near, yes the pyramid-shaped rock… Amazing! Polina was correct in believing she had lost the ring by a pyramid-shaped rock… Fantastic memory! Great Smile & happy ending.










Polina was walking down the beach quite a ways away when I found the ring, I decided I was going to fake her out and tell her my batteries were dead in my metal detector and I had to go to my car… That’s when I surprised her with the ring!

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Watch the video of the search below…





Lost Engagement Ring Found at Crescent Beach.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Last night around 8pm I was getting ready to go out and search the Vancouver beaches after the sunny hot day we had, and we haven’t had many!  Just before I left I received a call from a young lady asking if I can help her find her lost ring.  Of course I dropped everything I was doing and started on my way to Crescent Beach to help her.

After 6 hours of searching for the diamond engagement ring Jen & her husband went online to search for help and that’s when they found me on TheRingFinders.com. They said that they were a little concerned about having someone they didn’t know come out and search for the ring but after seeing the website and reading the testimonials and see all the smiles they felt more comfortable with the idea.

When I arrived I met  Jenn and her husband and they show me the area that they had searched, they told me a lady stopped and helped them and she recovered the wedding band.

This was good news because I knew that meant the other ring was close! That being said they didn’t mark the area where the other ring was found so it took a little while to find what I was looking for… but I did!








IMG_2997 IMG_2994










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You can watch the video of the recovery here…