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Two Rings Found and Returned at Weekii Watchee Springs

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Two Rings Found and Returned at Weekii Watchee Springs

Caroline and her sister Katy along with several other cousins all gathered at Katy’s house for the holidays. On Monday January 3rd they decided it would be fun to go up to Weekii Watchee Springs state park and see the mermaids perform. After the show they spent some additional time walking around the park and soon it was getting so warm they decided to go for a swim in the spring. Caroline went into the changing room and changed into her swimming suit. She covered herself with sun screen and in the process removed her rings and put them into her short’s pocket and then put them on over her swim suit. After looking around a little more they headed over to the beach and found a picnic table to store their things on. Caroline removed her shorts and laid them on the table then headed off to the water. After swimming for a while they returned to the table and Caroline found her shorts with the keys fallen out of the pocket but thought nothing of it. They finished their day and headed home. After returning home she discovered both of her rings were missing. She and her sister rushed back to the park and searched in the sand under the table but could not find anything. One of Caroline’s cousins remembered hearing about The Ring Finders and suggested she try finding someone to help. She found the SRARC Ring Finders Service and contacted Mike Miller. Mike put out a request to the team and they all met at the site the next day. As the team entered the park (Paul Hill, Ed Osmar, Rick Magyar, Mike Shuler and Mike), the gate attendant mentioned that they had just found a ring. We waited until Caroline arrived and they had her describe her lost engagement ring and sure enough it was hers. We all congratulated her and began to step away when she mentioned that the engagement ring was the only one that was important so don’t worry about the other ring she had lost. We said “No Way” we came all this way to hunt so let’s go see if we can find it. We discovered that the engagement ring was found nowhere near where she thought she had lost it and there was no sandy area in that location. We decided to split up with Caroline and Paul heading to the location that the engagement ring had been found and the rest of us, with Katy as our guide, headed to the beach area by the picnic table. After searching the sand around the picnic table for a short time Mike got a call from Paul and he informed us that Caroline had found the second ring. The boat Captain who found the engagement ring saw them looking and he showed them exactly where he had found it lodged between two dock planks. Caroline looked off to the side in the dirt and spotted the other ring right away. We think she reached into her pocket for something and the rings popped out as she pulled out maybe her keys. Whatever, we are very happy she has her rings again and that we were able to give her moral support until they were returned to her fingers again.
When we left the park we all had great big smiles on our faces!!!!!!!!!!!