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Gold Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings Lost in the Trash in Los Angeles…Found and Joyfully Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I received a late night text from Karla hoping I could help her find her lost rings. I tried getting back to her, but it was too late in the night. The next morning she called, and explained that she had lost her rings a couple of days earlier at her home, and had scoured the house looking for them. She had also gone through much of the trash as well, but was unable to find them. She asked if I could come and detect her trash to see if by chance they ended up in there, so we made arrangements for the search.

I arrived at the appointed time, and Karla and her husband Bart were waiting. She took me to the back of the house where the trash cans were, and we talked about the possibilities of the loss. They have a young child, so there were two bags of used diapers to search; Karla thinking that while changing their child they might have come off, and got folded up in a diaper. I used my metal detector to go over the bags of diapers, and my pin pointer to check each diaper individually, no rings. Karla then brought out a couple of bags of trash that she believed were highly suspect, and I went through each and every item with my pin pointer finding much foil and other metal objects, but no rings. Bart then brought out 5 more bags, but wasn’t sure if they were even from the time frame of the loss. But I kept to my plan to search every item in each bag thoroughly to be certain if the rings were there or not. I went through 3 of the bags finding a lot of foil and such, but no rings. As happens a lot of times during a search like this, I will be continuing my search, but the person I am trying to help begins to lose hope, and wanders away, and both Karla and Bart went looking in other places; I just kept pounding away at the trash. Then while going through the 4th bag, my pin pointer sounded off on a napkin in a take out dish. I lifted the napkin, and two beautiful gold rings were there. I walked over to Bart, and showed him, and he said that he was losing hope, and was so surprised they were found. He called Karla, and I was able to give her rings back to her. To see their joy was a great reward.

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